Did you enjoy the last 3 hours of your life?

Regine Gilbert
3 min readAug 21, 2017


This is a question I started asking myself a few years ago and it is what brought about a shift in perspective.

I’m not sure where I heard the question asked, but it radiated with me nonetheless.

First, I looked where I spent the most time…at work. I started looking at my days and observing myself and seeing what I enjoyed.

Live, discover, explore

A few years ago I was working with a team I really liked and doing work that was completely dissatisfying.

In an effort to find what I enjoy, I started to look for things I had interest in.

Having worked in Corporate IT for many years, I knew I was interested in technology and had previously taken classes on database design and development. I learned to build SQL databases and had a good time learning. As a former fashion designer, I knew i loved design.

I looked around and realized that I didn’t know much about the world wide web and design. I received the NYU continuing education handbook in the mail and found a class that was interesting and affordable.

The class was titled ‘Create your own Website in 3 Weekends’. It was a class I looked forward to, I found a class where I could design my own website over the course of three weekends! That sounded cool!

Over three weekends I learned some basic HTML, CSS, and a weee bit of JavaScript. I decided to build a website about my travels (another fun thing I like to do). Admittedly, my site was pretty terrible. But, I learned to code a little and I did build something that I was proud of. And, I had fun doing it.

After taking that course, I wanted to learn more about the web and ecommerce. One of my friends who was in ecommerce sat with me and taught me what he knew and gave me resources to learn on my own. At the time I had fun but little interest in going into that field.

I found that I really enjoyed learning new things and began incorporating that learning into my workplace which made me little less dissatisfied.

Live, discover, explore…more…

Since first asking myself the question, ‘did you enjoy the last three hours of your life?’ I began to incorporate it into my personal life as well. In the past, after work, I would just come home, make dinner, watch tv and call it a night.

There were times I really needed those days and there were other days where I felt like a lump on a log.

Asking the question broadened my view on the world and made me look outside my apartment for what I might enjoy.

In an effort to see what else I might enjoy, I began to look into activities I liked as a child. I loved to dance, a trait I got from my mother who used to teach dance. I took a salsa class with a co-worker and we had a blast.

Living in NYC provided me with a plethora of activities to participate in.

For years I had volunteered with NY Cares because volunteering was something my family did my whole life and I enjoy spending time with the elderly and children (they have the best perspectives and questions).

Through the process of discovery, I began to enjoy my time a lot more and made it so there were things in my life that I looked forward to.

So let me ask you, did you enjoy the last 3 hours of your life? If you did, that’s awesome! But, if you didn’t, then why not?

Imagine possibilities without constraints!



Regine Gilbert

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